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SuperSU Root?

SuperSU known as Superuser access management tool of the future. Recently, Chainfire has released SuperSU root for Android 6.0 Marshmallow without modifying system partitions. We can surely say, this will take to a whole new different level of Android development community. Chainfire has shown his abilities with popular & enormous tools like SuperSU, CF Auto Root, TriangleAway and CF.lumen. SuperSU root will be one of them. Download latest SuperSU ZIP from our download section.

Chainfire has announced that his one of the greatest tool SuperSU APK project will moving to the hands of Coding Code Mobile Technology, LLC to implement Chainfire’s new concept as we mentioned above. CCMT have already invested in various rooting applications which millions of users probably running at the present in the Android development community. However, Chainfire is still involved with SuperSU root.

Benefits of SuperSU Systemless Root

  1. Easy to unroot
  2. A clean design & approach
  3. A clean system partition
  4. Excludes unnecessary things, which are not essential on Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  5. Easier OTA’s because of reflashing boot image
  6. Most importantly, if you do not have correct compatible kernel installation, SuperSU does not soft brick your device.

SuperSU Beta - Root Android 6.0 Marshmallow without Modifying System Partitions

Chainfire has released SuperSU Beta as an experimental version. Still SuperSU root has various bugs such as, when factory resetting the device will remove the root. That is the major issue of SuperSU root this moment. Chainfire has mentioned about this issue.

“To have root on modern Android versions, we need our files to be executable and our daemon to be started on boot. We normally do this by making modifications to /system, tapping into binaries and scripts executed by init. If we’re also modifying the boot image, then we should be able to do all this without modifying system at all. A benefit of this is that it makes OTAs easier - reflashing the boot image is less hassle than reflashing system.”

Recent SuperSU Root Beta Caveats

If you factory reset your device, it will automatically unroot

If you factory reset, wipes pin

Bugs on various settings

Important Instructions before using SuperSU Beta to Root Android 6.0 Marshmallow

As first step, you must re-flash stock / system partition or the separate root occurrence will conflict with each other. The installer for this SuperSU beta experiment will not clean up old root files automatically.

You must flash attached boot image

You must flash the attached SuperSU ZIP in TWRP

Latest SuperSU Root Changelogs

14.01.2017 – SuperSU Root v2.79

  • Fix erroneously deleting SuperSU's copy of app_process on 6.0 since 2.79-SR1
  • GUI: Fix app_process requirement detection when supersu context used
  • Fully eliminate sugote binary, no longer needed due to SELinux handling improvements in earlier versions
  • Support /system/xbin/sush as default shell
  • Adjust LD_PRELOAD filtering to exclude suhide's libraries
  • ZIP: Motorola: default to systemless mode

03.01.2017 – SuperSU Root v2.79

  • supolicy: fix some segfaults(NPEs) in pre-7.0 sepolicy handling
  • ZIP: write boot block device once instead of twice (@_alexndr)
  • (c) 2017 + CCMT

21.01.2016 – SuperSU Root Beta v2.67

  • (systemless) Improved deep sleep fix for Samsung 5.1+
  • (systemless) Added fallback method to mounting /su on system boot
  • supolicy: fix bug copying system_server capabilities to init
  • supolicy: replaced transitions: copy capabilities and attributes, silence audits
  • supolicy: work-around shell-based services being executed as undefined_service on Samsung 5.1+
  • sukernel: refuse to patch ChromeOS boot image
  • FSTABSYSTEMRW: flag removed; worked around remount /system r/w issue
  • ZIP: improved handling of loop devices
  • ZIP: detect boot image partition being a symlink to a file on /data, and skip wipe if so Updated translation files

03.01.2016 – SuperSU Root Beta v2.66

  • (systemless) Add deep sleep fix for Samsung 5.1+
  • supolicy - Adjust Samsung 6.0 init shell
  • ZIP: Patch recovery SELinux policy
  • ZIP: Improve su.img mounting

26.12.2015 – SuperSU Root Beta v2.65

  • (systemless) Add /su/xbin to su.img and PATH
  • ZIP: Fixed force close issue when custom boot image is used
  • ZIP: Reworked remounting (prevents bugged write to r/o /system on flo)
  • ZIP: Added warning that first reboot may take a few minutes/loops

20.12.2015 – SuperSU Root Beta v2.64

  • (systemless) Detect more boot image partition names
  • (systemless) Blank partitions before writing to them
  • (systemless) Ask to restore boot and recovery images on full unroot
  • (systemless) Implement "uninstall competing Superuser apps"
  • (systemless) Samsung: prevent "KERNEL IS NOT SEANDROID ENFORCING" warning
  • (systemless) Cleanup system install properly if present, fixes a number of possible bootloops
  • ZIP: 6.0+: Detect firmwares that can reload sepolicy from /data and use system-based root on these ("allow init kernel:security { load_policy }")
  • supolicy: Additional SELinux patches for M (reduced logging only) Update translations

How to Root Android 6.0 Marshmallow with SuperSU Root

Credits for Developing SuperSU Beta Systemless Root

Special thank goes to Chainfire who is senior moderator and senior recognized developer at XDA forum. Thank you XDA team for sharing and improving such a great service to the Android community.