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SuperSU Beta, which can be named as the best SuperUser Access Management tool in the future. Right now SuperSU Beta become most popular tool among all the Android root lovers because of the stunning features and performance of it. Chainfire is the great inventors behind this tool. Among the other rooting tools such as CF Auto Root, Triangle Away and CF.lumen, SuperSU Beta gets a prominent place. The user-friendliness of this amazing tool helps to give a higher rank among the all. SuperSU Beta is not just a rooting tool; simply it is a multi-tasking tool, which gives number of features for a single user.

More about SuperSU Beta

SuperSU Beta is the experimental version of SuperSU Root tool. In the >SuperSU Beta version, there are some bugs like if any user reset the reset the factory settings the SuperSU App may be removed. That is the major drawback of the SuperSU Beta tool. However, users can overcome from this annoying issue by just installing the SuperSU Root tool to your Android device. However, with the help of SuperSU Beta tool users gain lots of pros for their rooting process.

Why we use SuperSU Beta?

The main reason for using a rooting tool is, to do some deep customizations on the operating system of the Android device and make the device user-friendly. Therefore, with the help of SuperSU Beta, tool users can reflash the boot much better than the reflashing system and this tool makes OTA easier. With those stunning features, any user can root the device much better and get more amazing features to users fingertips.

Benefits of SuperSU Beta

Compatibility of SuperSU Beta

Android community is updating day by day. Right now Android next chapter Android Nougat 7.0 is already in the public state and it is the most prominent Android version among the all other Android versions. With the releasing of the new Android version to the public chainifre has already updated the SuperSU Beta tool, which is now compatible to Android Nougat 7.0 without modifying the system portions as an experimental version. Because of the experimental version already, there are some bugs and errors on it.

Compatible versions of SuperSU Beta

How to use SuperSU Beta

Before using the SuperSU Beta tool user must need to reflash the stock system or separate root instances, which are affecting with each other it is necessary before you using the SuperSU Beta tool. The process is 100% secure and it will not remove your any root files or damage to the device operating system. Therefore, without any doubt any user can use this amazing tool to the maximum experience of rooting.

SuperSU Beta changelogs

SuperSU Beta v2.67

SuperSU Beta v2.66

SuperSU Beta v2.65

Beta SuperSU v2.64

Credits for Developing SuperSU Beta Systemless Root

Special thank goes to Chainfire who is senior moderator and senior recognized developer at XDA forum. Thank you XDA team for sharing and improving such a great service to the Android community.